Owner of serenity healing solutions, pllc
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

briana carr

Briana works with individuals and families of all ages
to overcome life adversities.

"keep going! you didn't come this far just to come this far."

Serenity is the manifestation of peace amidst a troubling storm, circumstance, or challenge. Our work together will encompass intentional efforts towards growth, restoration, and Healing, achieving ultimate Serenity."

“i provide a clinical experience that embodies complete and true restoration of the mind and body. 

serenity healing solutions, pllc

briana's background

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
appalachian state university
 Master of Social Work UNC-Wilmington

As a trauma-informed therapist, Briana specializes in working with clients and families of all ages to overcome life adversities. Your work together will emphasize the processes of healing and the restoration of inner peace. In your healing, you can alleviate undesired difficulties by resolving deep emotional pain to reach your full capacity, strength, and power again.

Briana is trained in family therapy, particularly Structural Family Therapy and the Gottman Method, and she utilizes an eclectic blend of additional client-centered modalities to prioritize resolving conflict, improving communication, and restoring the foundation of safety and trust in relationships. She provides a safe, supportive environment for clients to explore themselves, learn new skills, and develop lasting changes. 
As an EMDR therapist, Briana is highly skilled at treating trauma-based needs with an emphasis on racial identity, transgenerational trauma, life transitions, and interpersonal functioning. She welcomes the opportunity to network with the community and is available for outreach events and guest lectures. 

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